Jet Colmer
Contestant Profile
Hometown Winnipeg, MB
Occupation Customer Service Manager

Survivor: Faroe Islands

Tribes Mytteri
► Udspille
Placement Sole Survivor (1/20)
Alliances Earl's Frosty Jet
Hudson/Petrus/Jet/Briana (reneged)
Challenges Won 8
Votes Against 12
Days Lasted 39

Jet Colmer is the Sole Survivor from Survivor: Faroe Islands. He was portrayed by MightyUke416.


Name(Age): Jet Colmer (22)

Tribe Designation: Mytteri

Current Residence: Winnipeg, MB

Occupation: Customer Service Manager

Personal Claim to Fame: My life isn't that interesting, but I would say my trombone solos in jazz band.

Hobbies: Writing, watching Survivor, playing the trombone, hanging out with friends, fantasy booking WWE storylines, watching professional wrestling.

Pet Peeves: Stupid people, ignorant people, bad drivers, jaywalkers

3 Words to Describe You: Kind-hearted, Ukrainian, Psycho (I have a sick and twisted sense of humour)

SURVIVOR Contestant You Are Most Like: I think I'm probably a straight Todd Herzog.

Reason for Being on SURVIVOR: I think it should help me step outside my comfort zone a little. I'm not the most social person in the world. Besides, this looks like fun and I want to see how far I can get.

Survivor: Faroe Islands

Voting History

Jet's Voting History
Episode Jet's
Voted Against
1 Mytteri Tribe Immune
2 Gregg -
3 Gabriella Aishia, Gabriella, Jaxon,
Marie, Sarah
4 John;
5 Matt -
6 Iris* Individual Immunity
7 Jessica* Jessica, Taras
8 Udspille Tribe Immune
9 Udspille Tribe Immune
10 Mytteri Tribe Immune
11 Aishia Aishia, Marie
12 Sarah Maeva, Marie, Sarah
13 Hudson;
Individual Immunity
14 Marie Individual Immunity
15 Petrus Individual Immunity
Ineligible -
Jury Votes
for Jet
Aishia, Iris, Jaxon, Jessica,
Maeva, Marie, Sarah
Sole Survivor, Day 39


  • Jet's votes against Iris Frost in episode 6 and Jessica Earls in episode 7 were as a result of his disadvantage in which he was forced to attach his vote to one of his tribe mates for 2 straight tribal councils. Jet attached his votes to Jessica Earls in episode 6 and Hudson Jones in episode 7.