Hello, players of Survivor: Tokelau.  I plan to start this game in approximately 48 hours, but there is still some things that I need to clarify, and one thing that I need you to do before we can finally start.

If you've read the Basic Rules, you know that you'll need a g-mail account for this game.  The problem is, this requires SMS verification (texting your phone a certain code needed to unlock your account).  So, until I can find an alternate route, which is unlikely, I will need for you to do the following:

  1. Go to  Go to "Create an Account".
  2. For the name section, put in the first and last name you are using for this game.
  3. For the email name, put  For example, if my name was Loon Froon, I would be
  4. The rest of the informatoin you can fill out however you like, but be sure to put in your phone number.
  5. Google will probably ask for SMS verification, in which it sends your phone a text with a code that will unlock your account.  Just go ahead and to that.
  6. Once your g-mail account is made, if you don't want me seeing your phone number, you can always go to settings to change it.  If not, I will delete it when I get on, and you'll just have to take my word for it that I'm not going to stalk you.

Anyway, after you make your g-mail account and share your password with me, you're all ready to go for this game, though there is a few things I want to clarify.

  1. Confessionals are a must, I will bug you if you don't send one every episode, that might sound like a lot, but really, that's only one confessional every three-ish days.  This is done by sending a confessional explaining your game to, and I will almost always ask follow-up questions, so be prepared!  The more confessionals, the more you'll be in the episodes when I turn this int oa fanon!
  2. The "fillers" or "computers", or whatever you want to call them, can be contacted by emailing and specifying the filler's name in the title, to talk to them.  They are not omniscient, meaning you can lie to them and could still get away with it, even if I as the host know you're lying to them. Also keep in mind that these fillers have relationships with one another as well, they might be aligned, or they might hate each other, all depends.
  3. If you don't send me your vote (same email as in the other two points) every time you go to tribal council, your vote will be randomized.   These votes can be critical in close votes, so make sure you get them in!

The twists will be explained when the game actually starts, but I'm aiming to get the game going in 48 hours, sooner if everyone's got a g-mail by then.