This is the place where you will compete for Immunity Challenge #1.


Atafu: 0 points.

Fakaofo: 0 points.

Nukunonu: 14 points.

In a huge blowout, Nukunonu wins the immunity challenge!  Now the second-to-last comments will be tallied as a tiebreaker between Atafu and Fakaofo.

Atafu: 7 points.

Fakaofo: 0 points.

This means that Atafu and Nukunonu are safe from tribal council, while Fakaofo, unfortunately, you will be voting out the first member of the game tonight.  However, there is something I have yet to reveal to you.

This particular season is all about your relationships with not just people on your tribe, but people in your game, the One World twist allowing you to talk with people of other tribes.  This will come in handy, because after every immunity challenge, the first person from the first place tribe, to post a certain name of a member of the losing tribe, will send that losing tribe's member to Solitude Isle.  It's like Exile Island, but no idol is hidden here, and no idol clue is given here, but what does happen is that the person sent to Solitude Isle will be safe from the vote that night and cannot be voted for, but cannote vote themselves.  You're essentially removing someone from the losing tribe from voting or being voted for at that tribal council.

Nukunonu, since you have gotten first place in the challenge, the first person from Nukunonu to name a member of the losing Fakaofo tribe in the comment section below, will send that member from Fakaofo to Solitude Isle.  If this is not done within approximately 10 hours, it will be randomized. (If I am ever unable to get online in 10 hours, and you post it before I am able to get online, it will still be counted as valid). 

The tribal council thread for Fakaofo will be up shortly.

Note: If one tribe has all of the last comments, the tribe with the least second-to-last comments will lost the immunity challenge.